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News -page consists of current topics and interesting articles about jazz in Finland. 

Turku Jazz Festival program published - Ville Herrala Artist of the Year 2022

The 53-year-old Turku Jazz Festival brings light and joy to March again with a wonderful roster of artists! The most anticipated guest stars include pianist Kenny Barron, multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Payton, and by far the hottest name in the domestic jazz scene at the moment, Linda Fredriksson. Bassist Ville Herrala, who has been chosen as the artist of the year by Turku Jazz, will receive stage space both as a soloist with Turku Jazz Orchestra and in the opening concert with the band PLOP.

Kenny Barron and Nicholas Payton to perform at Turku Jazz Festival - the 2022 festival artist announced on Friday

The first performers of the Turku Jazz Festival in March have been announced, and Logomo's ticket sales have begun. Turku celebrates the jazz weekend from 4 to 5 March 2022, with performances from e.g. pianist legend Kenny Barron and soulful multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Payton with his energetic trio. The entire festival program and the artist of the year will be announced on December 17th.

Jori Huhtala's Talambo finishes its Jazz Finland tour mid-December

Talambo, which has grown from a studio project to a plush-sounding septet, will visit four locations in mid-December. The tour was originally scheduled to take place in the spring of 2021, but was postponed to the fall due to corona. NB! Concert in Joensuu on Dec 14 is cancelled!