News -page consists of current topics and interesting articles about jazz in Finland. 


Nordic jazz organizations on the spotlight

Nordic Jazz Network has worked already for 20 years to collaborate and make Nordic jazz heard all over Nordic countries and even further. The network’s main tool is an annual Nordic Jazz Comets showcase event which offers young jazz bands a way abroad. The network members are five Nordic jazz organizations: Jazz Finland, Jazz Danmark, Norsk jazzforum, Svensk jazz and FÌH Music School.


Lauri Kadalipp Social Jazz featured in Heimojazz band exchange

The core of the co-operation between the Finnish and Estonian jazz organizations has been Heimojazz, a band exchange project which turns already 10 years today. Jere Haakana Varjosto visited Tallinn and Tarto during their Jazz Finland tour in early May, and their counterpart Lauri Kadalipp Social Jazz, will perform at Juttutupa's Rytmihäiriö club on Wednesday, May 22.  


Berghäll Triality on mini tour

Berghäll Triality brings the question of climate on stage on their tour of five concerts on 21th to 26th May. The programme of the tour consists of composition series The Arctic, that was released as an album in June 2018. In addition to that, at Kerava Jazz Festival Berghäll Triality presents the premiere of to-be-released series The Antarctic. The tour is a sequel to the album release tour that started last autumn.


Elojazz brings a diverse range of jazz to Oulu

Elojazz starts a new decade with its 31th festival on 1.-4.8.2019. The festival spreads out all over Oulu: as usually, the opening concert is held in Church of Tuira on Thursday and the main concerts are heard at Rauhalan Patio and Prunnitori during the weekend.