Bad Habits Trio (EE) Rytmihäiriöklubilla,Ravintola Juttutupa, helsinki19.12. Klo 21:00

Bad Habits Trio (www)



Andre Maaker – guitar
Peedu Kass – bass
Ahto Abner – percussion

Acclaimed musicians Peedu Kass on bass, Andre Maaker on guitars, and Ahto Abner on drums create and make music in Bad Habits Trio. The trio focuses on spontaneous team play and adventure in creating their music. Bad Habits Trio got together in 2014 and ever since, the bad has given concerts in Estonia, Latvia, and Russia. Most of the Trio's members were nominated at this year's Danish Jazz Awards. Bad Habits Trio released and presented their debut album Looking for Trouble in April 2018. 

The concert is a part of Jazz Finland's and Estonian Jazz Union's Heimojazz project. 

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