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Drummer/Composer Klaus Suonsaari, one of Finland’s leading exports to the world of jazz for the past 17 years, has announced the formation of KSJAZZ - a new record company designed to provide a comfortable home for creative musicians. 43-year-old, The Artist Of The Year Award For Musical Excellence winning Klaus Suonsaari, founds the Indie label, formed at a time when the record companies have been forced to drastically reduce or eliminate their jazz artists.

KSJAZZ provides distinctive jazz for the listener and for the art itself, placing particular emphasis on giving artists who want be musicians, not marketing creations, the freedom for experimentation and creativity. 


cover Live Nordic Trinity 2012
cover The Music of Jukkis Uotila Jukkis Uotila
cover The Quintet Live! Contrasts 2011
cover Plays the Music of Edward Vesala Nordic Trinity 2010
cover Beautiful Anxiety Aki Rissanen 2009
cover Eternal Echoes Nordic Trinity 2007
cover Darn That Dream Manuel Dunkel 2007
cover Songs for Trio Jarmo Savolainen 2006
cover Wonders Never Cease Nordic Trinity 2005
cover Live in Helsinki Klaus Suonsaari 2005
cover Tales of Robert Dickson Teemu Viinikainen 2005
cover Soloduotrio Jarmo Savolainen 2004
cover Portrait in Sound Klaus Suonsaari 2003