Member services


Jazz associations registered in Finland and other legal entities operating in the jazz industry can join Jazz Finland as organisational members.

Informal membership applications can be emailed to the Executive Director at maria.silvennoinen(at)

Membership fees
€200 per year (annual turnover less than €150,000)
€400 per year (annual turnover more than €150,000)



Tour productions with members-only pricing

Members have priority access to Jazz Finland’s tours. Two of Jazz Finland’s fully produced tours are organised in the autumn season and two in the spring. As a membership benefit, members are eligible for reduced members-only prices for the tour concerts organised by Jazz Finland. In addition, the Jazz Finland tours include free transport, accommodation, sound and promotion in the national media.

Discretionary travel assistance

Jazz Finland’s travel assistance is a benefit offered to its member associations, designed to enable regional concert activities across Finland and support equality regardless of geographical location.

The primary form of travel assistance is the option to borrow Jazz Finland’s tour bus. Another form of financial assistance is a travel allowance that can be granted to member associations towards concert or festival related travel expenses. In order to receive discretionary travel assistance, a member association must submit a written, informal application to Jazz Finland. If successful, the subsidy will be paid out against expense receipts. The maximum subsidy is €700 per event.

The third form of travel assistance for member associations is a subsidy towards travel to events. The maximum subsidy is €200 per event and it can be allocated towards expenses such as minibus hire when a member association organises excursions to attend concerts in nearby towns.

New Development subsidy for Jazz Finland member organisations 

Jazz Finland is introducing a new support scheme for its member organisations in the form of a pilot trial. During the month of November, Jazz Finland’s organisational members are invited to apply for a development subsidy towards new development projects which complement their core activities. Eligible development projects include expanding or further developing existing activities, or implementing new collaboration schemes. The subsidy cannot be applied for supporting the organisation’s core operations. More information.

National Jazz Convention

In conjunction with the annual Tampere Jazz Happening each autumn, Jazz Finland organises a separate two-day event for its member associations. The National Jazz Convention’s program includes a range of discussion and training events, as well as Jazz Finland’s Annual General Meeting. Two awards are given out during the event: the prestigious Yrjö prize as well as the Varjo-Yrjö prize which is granted by the Yle Jazz Radio. Jazz Finland reimburses one hotel night for each member association representative participating in the Annual General Meeting, as well as a free festival pass to the Tampere Jazz Happening.

Training and discussion events

Jazz Finland organises a range of industry-related and topical training and discussion events.

Consultation and expert advice

Jazz Finland consults its members and offers expert advice in a range of questions regarding production, marketing and budgeting.

Members’ newsletter

Jazz Finland sends out a members’ newsletter with information about current Jazz Finland matters, projects, tour application rounds and other member-related topics.

Autumn and spring meetings

Jazz Finland’s statutory spring meeting is held no later than in May in the Helsinki region, and the autumn meeting in late October or early November at the National Jazz Convention in conjunction with the Tampere Jazz Happening.