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Jazz Finland is a comprehensive database of Finnish jazz and jazz culture in Finland. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the website, please contact our office by e-mail, telephone or by visiting us on Hämeentie street. Our office staff, the board and the member organisations are professionals in various fields of jazz music and event production, and our contact network is wide. We’re here to help!


We actively take part in the Finnish culture-political discourse. We provide a platform for constructive intra-industry discussion in the Jazzkahvit (“jazzy coffee break”) network and coordinate the industry’s strategy process in the Jazz Finland 2020 Vision group. The Jazz Finland 2020 Vision is a follow-up for the first strategic plan for jazz and rhythm music, which was created in 2005 by a group of music and culture-politics professionals. 


The project Jazz Finland Live was launched to enliven Finnish jazz clubs and increase the live jazz offerings around the country. Eight Finnish jazz clubs participated in the project with the support of the Cities of Helsinki, Iisalmi, Kotka, Oulu, Salo, Tampere and Turku. The project brought as many as 80 jazz concerts to these cities, with the total number of visitors topping 8 000 people. Jazz Finland Live aims at setting up a new funding model that sees Finnish cities and local concert organisers co-operate, thus establishing more sustainable preconditions for professional concert activity around the country.

The Finnish Jazz Federation, The Finnish Musicians’ Union and The Finnish Music Foundation collaborate on the project that was launched in late 2015. Through establishing a general funding model in the Finnish music scene, the project strives to enable regular concert production in smaller cities as well as bigger ones, creating more jobs and developing the know-how in the field of arts and culture. The model invites cities to fund their local concert activity, while the local jazz club or concert organiser will apply for a Jazz Finland Live grant from The Finnish Music Foundation. At max, the grant will be double the amount compared to that received from the local city.


Andania award is granted to a person or a group for long-term, perseverent work for the promotion and establishment of Finnish jazz music and culture. The first Andania award was given in 1988. The prize is named after the Andania ship, on which jazz music allegedly arrived in Finland in 1926

2016 Charles Gil
2014 Juha Söder
2013 Jussi Sierla
2010 Ilkka ”Emu” Lehtinen
2009 Natta Holma
2005 Erik Lindström
2004 Timo Vähäsilta
2003 Raija Sarmanto

1997 Old Time Jazz Band
1995 Paavo Einiö
1995 Klaus Järvinen
1995 Jukka Haavisto
1994 Jaakko Vuormaa
1994 Oiling Boiling
1988 DDT-Jazzband 


The annual Finnish Jazz Convention brings together many of the key figures on the field of Finnish jazz. The convention has been organised every year since 1967, and it takes place in different location each year. Our member organisations bid on having the event in their respective cities, and we support the local organisation in producing the convention. In addition to live jazz, the event includes the granting of the most prestigious awards in Finnish jazz. The Yrjö is awarded by the Jazz Federation to an outstanding musician for life’s work or topical merits. The Finnish Jazz Convention 2017 was held at Tampere Jazz Happening festival in the lively city of Tampere. 

The Yrjö award has been given to an extraordinary Finnish jazz musician since 1967. It is considered as being the highest accolade in Finnish jazz. The Yrjö award in its physical form is art made by a local artist from the Jazz Convention’s current location.

Trumpeter Verneri Pohjola received the Yrjö Award in 2017. Club programmer Timo Hirvonen of Koko Jazz Club was granted a Shadow-Yrjö Award by Yle, the National Broadcasting Company, for her long-term work for the jazz culture in Finland.

2017 Verneri Pohjola
2016 Esa Pietilä
2015 Ulf Krokfors
2014 Markku Ounaskari
2013 Kari Ikonen
2012 Markus Ketola
2011 Manuel Dunkel
2010 Joonatan Rautio
2009 Teemu Viinikainen
2008 Mikko Innanen
2007 Teppo Mäkynen
2006 Iro Haarla
2005 Jari Perkiömäki
2004 Pekka Pohjola
2003 Kirmo Lintinen
2002 Anna-Mari Kähärä
2001 Kari “Sonny” Heinilä

2000 Pepa Päivinen
1999 Pentti Mutikainen
1998 Esko Heikkinen
1997 Antti Sarpila
1996 Iiro Rantala
1995 Eerik Siikasaari
1994 Jarmo Savolainen
1993 Markku Johansson
1992 Tapani Rinne
1991 Jukkis Uotila
1990 Esko Linnavalli
1989 Jukka Perko
1988 Severi Pyysalo
1987 Häkä Virtanen
1986 Mape Lappalainen
1985 Seppo Kantonen
1984 Raoul Björkenheim
1983 Pentti Lahti
1982 Kari Komppa
1981 Reiska Laine
1980 Edward Vesala
1979 Jukka Linkola
1978 Pekka Sarmanto
1977 Gusse Rössi
1976 Sakari Kukko
1975 Olli Ahvenlahti
1974 Jukka Tolonen
1973 Paroni Paakkunainen
1972 Edward Vesala
1971 –
1970 Heikki Sarmanto
1969 Eero Ojanen
1968 Juhani Aaltonen
1967 Eero Koivistoinen 


Our most visible form of activity is tour production for Finnish bands in Finland. We produce 8-10 tours topping some 80 concerts annually, partially in co-operation with artist agencies. Touring the top contemporary ensembles around the country animates the concert scene outside of the Capital Area and also to produce performance opportunities for the musicians.

In all aspects of our functions, we try to pay attention to the changes in the operation environment. Currently we focus on supporting the managements and concert organizers with our services. Our travel grant system boosts the concert activity of our member associations.


See further info and tour dates here.
10. - 18.9.2018 Berghäll-Kalima-Ikonen (co-production)
17. - 30.9.2018 L'Alliance Takalo
24. - 30.9. and 15. - 21.10.2018 William Suvanne Chess'n'Jazz (co-production)
5. - 18.11.2018 Anni Elif - Edith


See further info about the bands here.
4. - 17.2.2019 Gourmet
February–March 2019 OK:KO (co-production with We Jazz Ltd)
March 2019 Signe (co-production with Raitala Music) 
6. - 19.5.2019 Jere Haakana Varjosto 

Most recent Jazz Federation Tours 2010 – 2018 (co = co-production)

Njet Njet 9 (co)
Jussi Lehtonen Band
Jukka Perko Tritone (co)
Kaisa's Machine

Martti Vesala Soundpost Quintet


Sointi Jazz Orchestra (co)
Jukka Eskola Soul Trio (co)
Flame Jazz Messengers (co)
Kalevi Louhivuori Quintet
Timo Lassy Band (co)
Raoul Brjörkenheim Triad

Kasperi Sarikoski & Nuance

Jorma Tapio & Kaski + Pauli Lyytinen Machinery

Elena & The Rom Ensemble (co)

Fifth Avenue (co)

Nina Mya
Mirja Mäkelä Trio (co)

Teddy’s West Coasters (co)
Alexi Tuomarila Trio

Elektro GT

Jori Huhtala 5

Sid Hille Contemporary Collective

Juhani Aaltonen Quartet

Riitta Paakki Trio (co)

Ilmiliekki Quartet (co)

Eero Koivistoinen Quartet

YNJC-kiertue: Kadi Quartet & Virta (co)

Fredator (co)

KVR & Mopo


Jarmo Saari Republic

Esa Pietilä Liberty Ship

Kallio Slaaki & Joona Toivanen

Nassaun Fasaani

AR Quartet (co)

Olavi Trio (co)

Oddarrang (co)

Amorandom (co)

Aili Ikonen & Tribute to Ella

Black Motor

Joonas Haavisto Trio

Jukka Eskola Orquesta Bossa
Mia Simanainen & Ahava (co)

Soul What (co)

Kari Ikonen Trio (co)

Jussi Lehtonen Quartet feat. Jesse Van Ruller (co)

Dalindeo (co)
Teemu Viinikainen Trio

Big Blue


Verneri Pohjola Quartet

Slo Motive

Jaska Lukkarinen & Roy Assaf: NYConnection

Mikko Pellinen Mini Big Band
Joonatan Rautio Trio

Yona & Perko & Kosminen


Auteur Jazz

Mikko Helevä Groovin’ Hammond

Markus Holkko Quartet
Tonight At Noon

Jukkis Uotila Band

Winter-Viinikainen Duo

Mika Kallio Solo


Manuel Dunkel Quartet

Emma Larsson Quintet

Aki Rissanen Trio

Jussi Lehtonen Band

Kari Ikonen & Karikko

Jussi Fredriksson Busy Turtles

Kaisa Kulmala Trio 


Since 2000, Jazz-Espa festival has been one of the highlights in the summer jazz scene in Helsinki. In the end of July, the Esplanadi park stage features daily concerts by 20 topical Finnish jazz acts. For the past few years, the concert series has culminated in a Sunday night mini-festival, titled Summer Bay Jazz (Suvilahti Jazz) since 2018. Like Jazz-Espa, also Summer Bay Jazz is an outdoor festival, is free of charge and sounds like suomijazz! The programme of 2018 is available at