International Projects


Nordic Jazz Comets started in 2000  and "Young Nordic Jazz Comets" band contest. Since then the concept has changed, but the idea has remained the same: The main purpose is to create attention to new jazz talents, giving them the opportunity to meet their future audience and to play at professional venues. Until 2012, this event has been organised as an annual competition. Starting in 2012, the countries involved in NJC, wanted to focus more on the aspect of promotion, and not the competitive elements. The idea is to create a club night/venue event for young aspiring jazz talents at one of the key jazz venues in one of the Nordic countries each year.

This year the Nordic Jazz Comets showcase takes place in Berlin on October 18th, 2017, as the opening night for the Scope Festival. This is the first time that the project crosses the Nordic borders. The programme of the NJC showcase will be released in June at website.  


Jazz Finland is our biggest web-related project, which was launched in 2013. It is designed to present you both; the music and the people behind it. On this site you’ll find a comprehensive catalog of all the Finnish jazz professionals and releases, as well as an up-to-date calendar of all the concerts and other jazz events in Finland. With its active news and blog sections, it’s also the place to tune in to the current phenomena in Finnish jazz community.

Jazz Finland is like an colourful umbrella for all the wide-spread and versatile jazz professionals and enthusiasts. That’s why we borrowed the name for the biggest jazz export event that took place on September 18 – 21 in Helsinki. Jazz Finland festival included a wide repertoire of live concerts open to public, a seminar and network events for international jazz professionals. Jazz Finland also hosted the General Assembly of Europe Jazz Network. EJN’s GA participants represented the core of European jazz industry and provided a unique possibility to open doors for Finnish talent to go international. As a part of the festival programme, also young Nordic musicianship was being presented in a form of the Young Nordic Jazz Comets showcase. YNJC features upcoming jazz bands from all the Nordic countries.

Before and during the festival, the Jazz Finland website worked as a tool for professional use, as well as an information channel for the audience. In 2017 Jazzahead, the website will again serve as an easy-to-use info desk and timetable for the Finnish showcases and other Finnish events at Jazzahead fair in Bremen. 

In April 2017 the Finnish Jazz Federation shortens its international name to 'Jazz Finland'. Jazz Finland stands for this website and also for the community of jazz professionals and enthusiasts in Finland. We are aiming to have a more vibrant and inclusive community, where people can discuss topical matters in a safe environment in social media, and find out about events in their local area. Also we want to provide a promotion channel that is available for all companies and artists in Finland. Join the Jazz Finland group in Facebook here


The Ministry of Education and Culture allocated a special export grant of 80,000 euros in 2016 for the project Jazz Finland International. The project aims to promote the internationalisation of Finnish companies operating in the field of jazz music.

The project involves eleven companies, and the project period runs until 1 August 2017. Each company receives a share of the grant for the implementation of its individual export plan. The grant will also enable the offering of certain resources such as mentoring, marketing skills, communication and networking for all the companies. The remainder will be spent on coordination-related expenses.

The main aim of the project is to promote the visibility and recognition of Finnish jazz and provide players with stronger international networks and better opportunities for international cooperation. The attainment of key goals will be monitored by assessing the quality and quantity of partnerships, deals, shows, releases and events achieved through the project. The project aspires to create sustainable partnerships and networks in the target markets and to increase the know-how at the home front.

Jazz Finland administrates and Annamaija Music Company coordinates the project. Agma ry provides specialist knowledge. Companies involved are Aki Rissanen Music, Annamaija Music Company, Astra Music, Boulder Music Helsinki, Creatika Agency, Eclipse Music, Hub Productions, Jazz HUG, No Problem! Music, Vapaat äänet, We Jazz Oy. 


The dyadic collaboration has in recent years been most active with France and Estonia. Due to the persistent work of manager Charles Gil, and with the support of the French Culture Institute, the Free Voices and Sounds tours have taken dozens of Finnish bands on tour with French ensembles in Finland. Finnish musicians have also gained concerts in France.

Together with the Estonian Jazz Federation, we have the Heimojazz (“Tribal Jazz”) music exchange project, which takes two Finnish bands to perform in Estonia annually, and vice versa. Finnish Heimojazz bands include: PLOP (2017), Alexi Tuomarila Trio (2016), Eero Koivistoinen Quartet (2015), Sid Hille Contemporary Collective (2015), LightBoxer (2014), Joonas Haavisto Trio and Dalindèo (2013), Joonatan Rautio Trio and Slo Motive (2012), Mikko Helevä Groovin’ Hammond and HERD (2011), Manuel Dunkel Quartet and Kaisa Kulmala Trio (2010) and Juurihoito (2009).

Vapaat äänet (Free Voices and Sounds) tours supported by Jazz Finland

2016 Théo Ceccaldi Trio + Pepa Päivinen & Good Romans
2015 Aleatoric & Impérial Quartet
2014 Mikko Innanen Innkvisitio & Vincent Courtois Mediums
2013 Kahden Miehen Galaksi & Sylvaine Hélary trio
2012 Raoul Björkenheim Ecstacy & Francois Corneloup Trio
2011 Kuàra & Emile Parisien Quartet
2010 Kalle Kalima K-18 & PRINT
2009 Elifantree & Vincent Courtois Quartet/Trio

2008 UNIT
2007 Oddarrang & Thôt
2006 OCT3
2005 La Campagnie des Musiques à Ouïr & Gourmet
2004 Yves Robert trio & André Sumelius Lift
2003 Urban Mood & Gnomus
2002 Stephan Oliva quartet & Rollin’ Thunder
2001 32 Janvier & Lieka
2000 Marc Ducret trio & Nuijamiehet & Markku Veijonsuo trio