New development subsidy for Jazz Finland member organisations – application round open in November


Jazz Finland is introducing a new support scheme for its member organisations in the form of a pilot trial.

During the month of November, Jazz Finland’s organisational members are invited to apply for a development subsidy towards new development projects which complement their core activities. The pilot trial was launched in order to respond to the needs of organisational members through a new type of service, as well as to support members’ new initiatives striving to develop their operations. Eligible development projects include expanding or further developing existing activities, or implementing new collaboration schemes. The subsidy cannot be applied for supporting the organisation’s core operations. The subsidy can be used to cover expenses related to personnel or travel costs in the planning or early stages of a new project, procurement of outsourced services, or meeting and visiting expenses. The subsidy cannot be used towards artist fees or concert production costs. The subsidy is designed to enable specific development work that cannot be funded through the organisation’s core funding, and that advances a professional planning and project development process.

In the 2019 application round, a subsidy will be granted to one development project, to the maximum amount of €1,000.

Informal subsidy applications (1-4 pages) must include a project budget.

The subsidy decision will be made by the Board of Jazz Finland. The recipient will be announced in January 2020. The subsidy will be paid out to the successful applicant prior to the beginning of their development project. The subsidy recipient must submit a written project report within a year of receiving the subsidy payment.

The application round is open 1-30 November 2019.

Applications received and more information provided by Executive Director Maria Silvennoinen,