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Jazz Finland

Jazz Finland is a national service organisation dedicated to the promotion of jazz music and jazz culture in Finland. It serves as a specialist organisation and an active production arm for the industry both nationally and internationally. Jazz Finland increases the visibility of jazz music in our society and produces information about the Finnish jazz industry. The organisation’s operations are grounded on the stylistic diversity of jazz music and a representational model that brings together the many different operators on the Finnish jazz scene. Jazz Finland operates regionally through its 46 independent member organisations.

Jazz Finland works in close collaboration with Music Finland, the Finnish Musicians’ Union and MES (The Finnish Music Foundation), and is a member of the Europe Jazz Network. Jazz Finland maintains a website in their own name.  

Jazz Finland has signed the theses for promoting equality, non-discrimination and diversity in the music sector, and Europe Jazz Network's Manifesto on Gender Balance in Jazz and Creative Music. Jazz Finland's equity plan will be released in 2020. 

Jazz Finland receives funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture.