Saturday night is for clubbing


The second day of jazzahead! 2017 was yet another success for the Finnish delegates. The opening Thursday was reported to have drawn the biggest audiences ever, and last night’s gala concert starring Iiro Rantala with Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen showed what can be accomplished when jazz, improvisation and classical music shake hands. The Tampere-hosted jam afterparty in the Schlachthof basement really hit the chord after the long showcase day. Both, the musicians and the listeners seemed to enjoy a little break from the business buzz.

Tonight it’s time to hit the clubs and concert venues in the city to hear some Finnish tunes.

Club Karton presents three Finnish shows: VERNERI POHJOLA SOLO at 5.00pm, RAOUL BJÖRKENHEIM ECSTASY at 6.30pm and DALINDÈO at 8.00pm.

TUIJA KOMI JAZZAHEAD! TRIO perform at the Rebels Club at 7.45pm and TUULETAR’s folk-hop you can listen at Weserburg Museum at 8.00pm.

At 9.00pm you can choose your favourite from VIRTA at Papp club, HELSINKI-COTONOU ENSEMBLE at Club Moments and TUIJA KOMI JAZZAHEAD! TRIO’s second set at Rebels Club.

The latebirds head to Schwankhalle, where LINEAR JOHN plays at 9.30pm and TENORS OF KALMA at 11.00pm