Meet jazzahead! Partner Country Finland at stand 6B40

At the fair, a partner country lounge as well as the Finnish umbrella stand will be the place to get in contact with the jazz scene, festivals and other culture field players of Finland. Read more about the Finnish delegation: Jazz aus Finnland – Programme and Delegation.

The umbrella stand 6B40 is the home of the Finnish delegation and the showcase bands of the Finnish Night. Coordinated and hosted by Music Finland, you will find the stand right next to the Partner Country Lounge.

Need to sit down and rest your legs? Navigate through the whirl of the trade fair all the way to Jazz aus Finnland Lounge. The Lounge, powered by Visit Finland, welcomes everyone with informal meeting spaces and comfortable sofas.



Ms. Annamaija Saarela
Tel. +358 50 3076095

Annamaija Music Company offers a wide range of services for the cultural field. Our strongest know-how lays on national and international concert productions, project planning and management. Annamaija Music Company is also an artist management company.


Ms. Hannele Kalske
Booking Agent, Manager
Tel. + 358 44 3533113

Astra Music Ltd represents guitarist Kalle Kalima´s bands. Main artists for booking include: Tenors of Kalma, Kalle Kalima´s Long Winding Road, Klima Kalima, Kalle Kalima & K – 18, Johnny La Marama, Pentasonic and Kuu!.


Ms. Aija Lehtonen
Sales & Promotion
Tel. +358 40 593 9015

Mr. Jyri Lehtonen
Tel. +358 40 511 3817

Bafe’s Factory is an independent record label and publisher based in Helsinki, Finland. We represent Tuuletar, Vilma Timonen Quartet (VTQ), Subsonic Trio and Southpaw Steel ‘n’ Twang (SST).


Mr. Joakim Berghäll
Baritone saxophonist and beyond
Tel. +358 50 5345602

Boulder Music Helsinki represents the projects of yet unsigned baritone saxophonist / (seriously) multi-instrumentalist Joakim Berghäll (pronounced barry-hell). These include Joakim Berghäll SOLO, Joakim Berghäll KaLiBeR (w./ Kalle Kalima and Kari Ikonen), Joakim Berghäll Dialogues LIVE (w./ Iro Haarla and Kari Ikonen) plus Joakim Berghäll Reflections of Sibelius (w./ Juhani Aaltonen, Pauli Lyytinen, Kari Ikonen, Jori Huhtala and Markku Ounaskari).


Ms. Terhi Aaen
Tel. +358 40 5378407

Ms. Saara Oranen
Owner / PR Officer
Tel. +358 44 5661903

Creatika Agency is a PR and booking agency, representing Verneri Pohjola Group – The music of Pekka Pohjola, Dalindèo, Mopo and Jukka Eskola.


Mr. Olli Suutela
Tel. +358 40 558 4885

Diamond T is a Helsinki based music agency representing artists such as Timo Lassy and Linear John.


Mr. Tapio Ylinen
CEO - Label Manager
Tel. +358 44 5532977

Eclipse Music is an independent record label based in Tampere, Finland. Formed in 2007 Eclipse has in recent years become one of the premier publishers of jazz, progressive music
and singer-songwriters in Finland. Eclipse Music is also the host of the Eclipse Jazz Club, a regular live jazz club event in various venues in the city of Tampere, and a weekly jazz program at Radio Classic.


Ms. Elena Mindru
Tel. +358 45 108 2959

A Montreux Jazz Voice Competition awardee, the singer Elena Mindru has released 3 albums as a bandleader and performed in the US, France, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Belarus, Finland and Romania. She writes most of her music, including pieces for symphony orchestra, big band, string quartets and other constellations. Her most significant bands are Elena & The Rom Ensemble and Elena Mindru Third Stream Project.

In 2017 Elena Mindru will record a new album with Jyväskylä Big Band, featuring Tuomas J. Turunen on piano. In August 2017 she makes her debut on the German stage with her symphonic jazz project at the Heidelberg Castle: Jazz meets Klassik.


Ms. Julia Palmu
Tel. +358 44 2600217

No Problem! Music is a record label and booking agency for Finnish-Beninese orchestra, Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble.


Mr. Sakari Puhakka
Tel. +358 50 3480368

Helsinki Jazz arranges around 15 jaZZanti concerts yearly at restaurant Laulumiehet in the center of Helsinki. Our concept is simple: modern jazz and free improvisation, amplified as little as possible.


Ms. Reija Lang
Tel. +358 50 5587471

Hub Productions is a jazz music label based in Helsinki. Our aim is to represent fresh thinking in the contemporary music scene. We seek new approaches to collaborate and come up with fresh ideas and concepts to reach audiences – with recordings and live experiences. We are happy to collaborate and share ideas with you.


Mr. Jaska Lukkarinen
Tel. +358445662316

Mr. Jussi Fredriksson
Tel. +358 44 0412026

JazzHUG is a Helsinki-based agency, artist collective and live jazz producer led by two musicians Jussi Fredriksson and Jaska Lukkarinen. If you would like to know anything about the Finnish jazz scene a great option is to ask these two fellows. JazzHUG’s close partners include jazzfestivals Flame Jazz and Porvoo Jazz Festival and labels Fredriksson Music and JASKAA.


Mr. Joonas Widenius
Artist, producer
Tel. +358 40 706 8736

Joonas Widenius (born 1980, Tornio) is a Finnish guitarist. His distinctive style has earned a warm welcome from both the critics and the audiences. He has worked with Perico Sambeat, Iiro Rantala, UMO Jazz Orchestra, Alba Carmona, Raoul Björkenheim, Oulu All Star Big Band, Niko Kumpuvaara, Pope Puolitaival, Jukka Eskola, Risto Toppola, Hannu Rantanen, Karo Sampela, Enver Ismael, David Dominguez and many others. He has visited Pori Jazz, Stockholm, Västerås, St. Petersburg, Gothenburg, Jyväskylä Summer Festival, and at various other festivals, clubs and concert halls all around.


Mr. Martti Vesala
Musician, composer
Tel. +358 44 3288801

Described as “a highly talented young man” by AllAboutJazz, Helsinki-based trumpeter
and composer Martti Vesala (born 1981) is one of the up-and-coming musicians in Finnish jazz, having won acclaim for his instrumental and compositional skills. Martti Vesala Soundpost Quintet is comprised of crème de la crème of young finnish jazz musicians. The Quintet’s acclaimed debut album “Helsinki Soundpost” was released in September 2016 by Ozella Music.


Ms. Ceyda Berk Söderblom
Tel. +358 50 4002571

MiklagardArts is an initiator, facilitator, and connector between Finland and overseas markets with the aim of strengthening the cultural interaction and intercultural collaborations. The company was founded in September 2015 by an experienced Turkish cultural producer and an established Finnish artist for creating tailor-made ideas and promoting interesting, chosen projects in a variety of art fields. It aims to be a new platform for promoting exchange between the Nordic countries and the dynamic art scenes around the world.


Ms. Pia Raitala
Artist Manager
Tel. +358 40 8202340

Raitala Music Ltd represents some of Finland’s most well known musicians in the field of jazz and pop music. Before starting her own company, Pia worked as an Artist Manager for over 10 years. The top-notch artists include pianist Aki Rissanen, saxophonist Jukka Perko, vibraphonist Panu Savolainen and jazz ensemble Ricky-Tick Big Band and to name a few.


Mr. Raoul Björkenheim
Tel. +358 40 3519719

Raoul Björkenheim eCsTaSy is one of the eight bands on the Finnish Night, represented by Andreas Scherrer, of Company of Heaven NYC. This company has a long history of working with both European and American artists and has earlier represented Björkenheim’s notorious Scorch Trio. eCsTaSy has released two critically praised CDs on the American Cuneiform label, both of which were nominated for the finnish equivalent of the Grammy, the Emma Prize, in 2015 and 2016.


Mr. Tapio Korjus
Managing Director
Tel. +358 10 2712323
Tel. +358 40 0232440

Rockadillo Production Oy (est. 1971) is a well-established Finnish artist management, agency and concert promoter. Rockadillo books its Finnish artists at home and internationally and promotes concerts for local and international acts. Specializing in jazz, electronica and world music, its roster includes Finnish artists like Antti Paalanen, Anssi Tikanmäki, RinneRadio, Wimme & Rinne, Jukka Gustavson, M.A. Numminen, Piirpauke and Sakari Kukko. Its sister company Rockadillo Records has so far released nearly 200 albums and is one of the leading indie labels in its field. Latest Rockadillo releases are from artists such as Wimme & Rinne, Anssi Tikanmäki, Joonas Widenius Trio, Utopianisti, Mari Kalkun & Runorun, Ilkka Heinonen Trio and Sanna Kurki-Suonio.


Ms. Johanna Sauramäki
Manager, producer, CEO
Tel. +358 50 5481793

Mr. Perttu Sauramäki
Tel. +358 40 759 0991

Saura Booking Agency represents mainly jazz, folk, pop and world music artists. Regardless of genre, we think that the most important thing is to be touched by the music. With this common thread in mind we have chosen the artists in our roster: Rinne & Majamäki - meditative jazz, Teho Majamaki Travelogue - jazzy world music, Vilma Timonen Quartet - urban kantele folk with jazzy sounds and finally Tuuletar - Vocal Folk hop with their awesome voices and performance.


Mr. Sid Hille
Tel. +358 40 7642165

Sid Hille is a composer and pianist based in Helsinki. In Hille’s music the interaction between the musicians is essential. Hille performs solo as a multi-instrmentalist, as a duo with Austrian multi-wind-player Herbert Könighofer, with his trio F# and his avantgarde ensemble Contemporary Collective. These concerts are largely improvised Live-Music-Installations. On the other hand, Hille performs with his chamber music ensemble Sid Hille Camerata mainly composed music, but with the same stress on interaction.

TUIJA KOMI: Tuija Komi Quartett & Jazzango

Ms. Tuija Komi
Landline +49 (0)8123- 99 10 795
Mobile +49 (0)170 2283 720

With her spellbinding, sensuous voice, Tuija ventures far beyond the familiar ground of cozy domestic bliss, exploring rock-strewn territories of longing and passion, fleeting joy, and poignant goodbyes that culminate in nostalgic gloom. On this gravelly road, Tuija touches upon a remarkable breadth of styles ranging from jazz, latin and pop to soul, tango, and world music. With her broad range of styles, irresistible charm, and extraordinary musical sensitivity, this power-packed blonde captures the essence of every song – and conjures fairy-tale inner landscapes, populated by elves, trolls, and wood nymphs. JAZZANGO’s debut album “SATUMAA” -Midnight Tango from Finland will be released by ENJA RECORDS in May 2017!


Mr. Tomi Pulkki
Tel. +358 40 5704842

Svart Records was born 8 years ago out of the urge to release vinyl editions of titles otherwise unavailable in that format. Since then the label’s modus operandi has expanded and we support a wide variety of artists from jazz to hardcore punk and from folk to avant-garde electronics. But the original philosophy and a certain DIY approach to things still remain.


Ms. Minnakaisa Kuivalainen
Executive director
Tel. +358 50 4055225

Mr. Juhamatti Kauppinen
Artistic Director
Tel. +358 50 5308777

Tampere Jazz Happening brings together the top names in modern jazz and the pathfinders of the future in a four-day event that is renowned for its warm atmosphere and broadminded appreciation of contemporary jazz. 36th TJH takes place on 2-5 November 2017.


Mr. Charles Gil
Tel. +358 50 5716516

Music production agency based in Helsinki and founded in 1996. Tour booking: 4-5 tours a year of French bands in the Nordic and Baltic Countries. Tours of Finnish artists in France and Europe. Coordination of export program: French Nordic Jazz Transit (AJC) since 2003. Artist booking: Mikko Innanen, Juhani Aaltonen, Gourmet, Iro Haarla, Marc Ducret, Kimmo Pohjonen & Eric Echampard. Jazz on the Beach, Raahe (Finland): festival director since 2015. Networks: member of the AJC, the Finnish Jazz Federation and the EJN. 


Ms. Katariina Uusitupa
Managing Director
Tel. +358 50 3676453

We Jazz is the biggest annual jazz happening in Helsinki and has earned a reputation as a progressive innovator in the Finnish jazz scene. The event takes place throughout the city, presenting the biggest names in Finnish jazz alongside top international musicians. Regarded as a festival, an installation and even a utopia, the event involves finding new venues and brainstorming new ideas.