Jazz Finland

Jazz Finland is a database of Finnish jazz, and we are here at jazzahead! too, at your service. You can use our search engine on the front page and look for a specific artist or company, or check the schedule of the Finnish shows at jazzahead! and the Club Night. During the Bremen weekend we'll also keep you posted on the latest news on the Jazz Finland Facebook group. On the jazzahead! news section you can get an insider's peek behind the scenes in the form of delegate and artist interviews. Welcome to explore the world of suomijazz! 

At jazzahead! you will find our representatives Mr. Petteri Klintrup, Mr. Ami Vuorinen and Ms. Raisa Siivola at all the partner country events, or at the Finnish stand EB40. 

Petteri Klintrup
Chair at Jazz Finland Board
el. +358 40 5148354 

Ami Vuorinen
Executive Director at Jazz Finland
el. +358 40 742 2524

Raisa Siivola
Producer at Jazz Finland
Tel. +358 44 205 6926