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Vilkka Wahl Quintet

Vilkka Wahl Quintet

Kuva/Photo: Seppo Wahl.



Vilkka Wahl Quintet was founded in 2015 in Turku. That year Wahl reunited with the Turku-born jazz legend Severi Pyysalo and the pair teamed up with bassist Teemu Åkerblom and drummer Mikko Arlin to play Wahl’s compositions. They also toured Southern Finland with this line-up.

Initially a quartet, the group got a very special addition to their numbers when the New York-based Slovenian tenor saxophonist Jure Pukl was invited to join its ranks. Pukl also appears on their debut disc, Nebula, co-produced with the Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE.

Nebula was released at the 2017 Turku Jazz Festival.