Tuomas J. Trio feat. Manuel Dunkel

Tuomas J. Trio feat. Manuel Dunkel

(c) Tiina Turunen

 Tuomas J. Trio was formed in 2012, when the ensemble played its first concert at Koko Jazz Club in Helsinki. In 2018 the band returns to the stages with one of the greatest jazz saxophonists in Finland, Yrjö-awarded Manuel Dunkel. Their repertoire consists of pianist Tuomas J. Turunen’s compositions. In the autumn 2018 the band celebrates the release of its debut album.

The co-play of Turunen, Dunkel, Huhtala and Timonen is extremely communicative. It leads the listener from one atmosphere and soundscape to another. The band works as a team, but all members can amaze with virtuosic solo parts with their own instruments. The silence of Finnish forest and the uniqueness and multiform energy of the New York are combined in the band’s music in a very original and touching way.

Tuomas J. Turunen – p, Manuel Dunkel – saxJori Huhtala – b, Tuomas Timonen – drs