Southpaw Steel'n'Twang

Southpaw Steel'n'Twang

Kuva/Photo: Aija Lehtonen


  • JP Mönkkönen
  • Tero Mikkonen
  • Ville Leppänen

Southpaw Steel'n'Twang is a power trio which concentrates mostly on instrumental music; focus is often on pedal and lap steel guitars but electric guitar has much to say, also. Ville "Lefty" Leppänen takes care of the aforementioned instruments -- without forgetting odd vocal performances -- while JP Mönkkönen on the bass and Tero Mikkonen on the drums lay the foundations for Lefty's guitar circus.

The band’s 2014 debut album Hale’s Pleasure Railway met with very positive reviews in international media. All compositions were penned by Leppänen, while the sophomore Stat(u)e of Mind, released 26 November 2015, includes compositions by Mikkonen and Mönkkönen, as well. The album was mostly recorded in St. Louis.