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Sointi Jazz Orchestra

Sointi Jazz Orchestra

Kuva/Photo: Pietari Purovaara


  • Aaro Huopainen
  • Aleksis Liukko
  • Frans Thomsson
  • Hannes Kaukoranta
  • Janne Saarinen
  • Jasmin Afaneh
  • Joona Räsänen
  • Kenneth Ojutkangas
  • Mikko Haanpää
  • Oskari Siirtola
  • Panu Luukkonen
  • Pekka Seppänen
  • Petteri Hietamäki
  • Rasmus Soini
  • Sami Leponiemi
  • Teemu Mattsson
  • Tomi Nikku
  • Tommi Kolunen


Founded in autumn 2013, Sointi Jazz Orchestra is a big band composed of young professional musicians. The group’s key aim is to a new, fresh and nuanced angle to big band culture without departing from its acoustic tradition. One of their strategies is incorporating influences from the sphere of classical music; another to treat the audience to modern and surprising arrangements and top them off with moments of breath-taking improvisation. Classical ingredients meet an effortless swing in the group’s cinematic style, causing definite genre boundaries to blur. When the genre is in a state of constant flux what remains is the essential: the feeling, and the freely-flowing music.

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