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Sid Hille Brotherhood

Sid Hille Brotherhood

Kuva/Photo: Olli Laasanen

Sid Hille Brotherhood plays music by the eponymous composer-pianist. The group was initially formed in 2012 to record the score that Hille wrote for the Finnish film Ainoat Oikeat. They performed at the Jazz-Espa Festival in 2013, for instance, under the name Sid Hille Film Collective.

In 2014, Hille composed new material for the group and a change of name seemed to be in order, too. Stylistically, their new repertoire could be described to lie somewhere between Miles Davis's electric experiments of the 70s and the aerialness of Keith Jarrett's European quartet. Amid Hille's beautiful textures, plenty of space is reserved for the group members' soloistic prowess.