Peppe Jalava Band

Peppe Jalava Band

Photo: Santeri Jalava



The band was founded in 1993, and it has gone through many changes in the lineup. The latest edition debuted at Turku Jazz festival in 2008, where the only original member was Pertti Jalava, who switched from keys to the drums.  The band has recorded two albums: Go to the Beach on Alba Records in 2010 and   A Guided Tour In The Kuiper Belt on Pilfnik in 2016. 

Pertti Jalava is also known as orchestra and chamber music composer. Music of Peppe Jalava Band is composed by Jalava, and it combines jazz, progressive rock and modern art music.

Jaakko Martikainen: tenor/soprano saxophone
Antti Hermaja: trombone
Ari Polojärvi: guitar and guitar synthetizator
Mikko Multamäki: bass 
Pertti Jalava: drums