Mikko Pettinen Why Not

Mikko Pettinen Why Not

Photo: Tuomas Timonen



Mikko Pettinen Why Not is a study of acoustic and electronic sounds, organic and synthetic elements. Multi-instrumentalist Pettinen’s compositions celebrate the diversity of nature, and manifest the current state of the world and its possible dystopies. In addition to singing, his arsenal includes trumpet, fluegelhorn, cornet and keyboard, all of which he manipulates with effects. His fellow explorers’ kits also boast with acoustic instruments like baritone sax and cello, as well as electronic samplers and sensory percussion software.   

Mikko Pettinen – tr, fl. horn, cornet, voc, FX, keys, Joakim Berghäll – b. sax, b. cl, cello, Vesa Ojaniemi – b, electronics, Tuomas Timonen – dr, sensory perc