Katu Kaiku

Katu Kaiku

Photo: Kalle-Erik Kosonen

Sound of Katu Kaiku has echoed boldly and uncompromisingly since 2013. The musicians Adele Sauros, Mikael Saastamonen and Erik Fräki belong to the new generation of experimental jazz musicians in Finland.

Since their first release Tokyo/Kuopio in 2016, they have been performing at festivals such as We Jazz, Pori Jazz and Trondheim Jazz Fest. Their second album Luna (2019, Svart Records) is a musical space flight. Here the comet’s tail brushes catchy melodies, effective electric bass and groove while shattering genre-borders between pop, electroacoustic contemporary music and minimalistic jazz.

Katu Kaiku’s music consists of haunting melodies, organic odd meters and superb touch of dynamics played by Adele Sauros on tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute and vocals, Mikael Saastamoinen on electric bass and Erik Fräki on drums. Progressive structures meet lush and lilting, yet growing melodies. Harp-like arpeggios played on the electric bass groove and communicate with elaborate drums.

Katu Kaiku:
Adele Sauros - tenor/soprano saxophone, flute, vocals
Mikael Saastamoinen - electric bass, efects
Erik Fräki - drums, percussions, efects, vocals