Kaisa's Machine

Kaisa's Machine


GenreNew York jazz

Kaisa's Machine is a jazz quartet, lead by double bassist Kaisa Mäensivu. The music takes influence from modern jazz and the current sound in Scandinavia and New York. Improvisation has an important role in the compositions, and each musician's strong individual style echoes in the music. 

In summer 2018 Mäensivu got an honorary award of 'The Young Artist of Pori Jazz', and in the same year also won the Riga Jazz Stage bass competition.

The band is founded in 2016 and the debut album In the key of K was released in 2017 by Eclipse Music. The quartet consists of Kaisa Mäensivu, Max Zenger, Mikael Myrskog and Jonatan Sarikoski, who all have started their career in jazz music in a promising manner.

Kaisa Mäensivu - double bass 
Max Zenger – saxophone
Mikael Myrskog – piano 
Jonatan Sarikoski – drums