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Jussi Lehtonen has composed a album of intense, colourful material inclusively for his debut album ensemble. All the quintet's musicians have strong individual voices and they have acclaimed careers in leading their own bands. Instead of letting the visions collide, Lehtonen's compositions haveall the unique styles and voices complementing each other. Joonatan Rautio, Teemu Viinikainen, Aki Rissanen andJori Huhtala truly sound like a band. The legendary saxophonist Dave Liebman has worked for a long time with drummer-composer Lehtonen and his enthusiasm over the 2017 Move On album (Svart Records) is contagious: “Playing with Jussi over the years has been a wonderful experience, watching him expand and grow as a drummer, but especially as a composer. The writing here is superb coverin...

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cover Move On 2017 Svart Records