Esa Pietilä Trio

Esa Pietilä Trio

As a successor to the former trio (with Markku Ounaskari, drs & Uffe Krokfors, bs) that performed successfully in many European countries 8 years between 2001 - 2009, there was a line-up change in 2012:

Esa Pietilä, tenor saxophone
Ville Herrala, bass
Mika Kallio, drums

The group will continue explore the freedom of improvised music and some compositions of Pietilä. Also on some occasions the trio will transform to guitar -sax - drs trio, which then means that line-up will be added with a very fine guitarist Jaak Sooäär from Estonia instead of bass player Ville Herrala.

Esa Pietilä Trio from Helsinki, Finland, navigates and explores new and fresh improvisational fields of scandinavian freejazz / avantgarde expression, ranging from straightforward energetic free playing to rich contrapuntal textures & colours, ambient sceneries and soundscapes.