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Elektro GT

Elektro GT

Elektro GT play jazz, for sure, but their variant has been spiced up with a generous amount of electronical elements and compelling rhythms.

With each member coming from a slightly different musical background, the heterogeneity of the band's influences becomes even greater. Drummer Hassinen has made a long career in the fields of jazz, art music and electronic music, while Louhivuori is perhaps known first and foremost as a jazz artist. Rissanen's musical roots, in turn, spring from a firmly classical soil, while Kämäräinen's comfort zone lies somewhere in the middle of jazz and rock. Porra, then again, comes from heavy metal circles, but he has made music for films. He is substituted on tour by the soul and funk man Heikki Laine.

As pidgeonholing is of no use here, one might as well lay back and let Elektro GT's "electro shock jazz" wash over. The group's debut album came out on Texicalli Records in September 2014 and they were seen on stage at Jazz Finland Festival and Tampere Jazz Happening in the same autumn.

trans. Annamari Innanen 12.1.2015