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Dalindèo is a sextet founded in 2003 and led by composer and guitarist Valtteri Pöyhönen. The group released their debut, Open Scenes (Ricky-Tick Records), in 2007, and due to their unique sound they are recognised as one of the groups at the forefront of today’s Finnish jazz.

Dalindèo’s philosophy is to respect the original spirit of jazz music without forgetting to keep the finger tirelessly on the pulse of today’s currents and anticipating those of the future. Put into practice this means danceable rhythms, strong melodies and an emphasis on the craftsmanship of top musicians. Drawing on the influence of such composer giants as Henry Mancini, Lalo Schifrin and Duke Ellington, Pöyhönen and his entourage create music that is ambitious but accessible, and often describable with such terms as “cinematic” and “visual”. The title of the band’s second album, “Soundtrack for the Sound Eye”, is surely not a coincidence.

Dalindèo has released three albums which have also received coverage in international music media. After their early mix of Brazilian rhythms and jazz the group seems to have found a bolder and more individual sound. The latest album, Kallio (KHY Suomen Musiikki, 2013), a theme album about the city district in Helsinki, has been praised for its winning eclecticism and successful capturing of the colourful bohemianism associated with the area. The album was also the winner of the Jazz Emma 2013 prize.

An energetic live act, Dalindèo performs regularly and apart from domestic venues the band has played in a dozen European countries. In Finland they have been seen at Flow and Ilosaarirock Festivals and on the main stages of both Pori Jazz Festival and Helsinki Festival, and in Europe at Jazz Café in London, at Stadtgarten in Köln and at Kulturvereign in Vienna, to mention a few.

“5 stars. If i was a film director i would call Mr Pöyhönen right away”
-Soundi Magazine, February 2013

ed. Suomen Jazzliitto 10.4.2014