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Dalindèo is a sextet founded in 2003 and led by composer and guitarist Valtteri Pöyhönen. The group released their debut, Open Scenes (Ricky-Tick Records), in 2007, and due to their peculiar sound they are recognised as one of the groups at the forefront of today’s Finnish jazz. Dalindèo’s philosophy is to respect the original spirit of jazz music without forgetting to keep the finger tirelessly on the pulse of today’s currents and anticipating those of the future.

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cover Follow the Dark Money 2020 KHY Suomen musiikki
cover Slavic Souls 2016 KHY Suomen musiikki
cover Kallio 2013 KHY Suomen musiikki
cover Soundtrack For The Sound Eye 2010 Ricky-Tick Records
cover Open Scenes 2006 Ricky-Tick Records