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Astro Can Caravan

Astro Can Caravan

Kuva/ Photo: Mika Kankkunen


  • Eero Savela
  • Eki Joutseno
  • Erno Haukkala
  • Hepa Halme
  • Joakim Berghäll
  • Konsta Eskelinen
  • Otto Eskelinen
  • Pauli Lyytinen
  • Pharaoh Pirttikangas
  • Rasmus Pailos
  • Tapani Varis
  • Tomi Kosonen
  • Tuomas Eriksson


Astro Can Caravan is an experimental music collective started by Otto Eskelinen (keyboards, percussion), Tomi Kosonen (tenor sax, percussion) and Pharaoh Pirttikangs (keyboards, guitar, percussion). The core group consists of around 5 members, while the live line-up varies from 8 up to 20 players.

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