Pertti "Pepa" Päivinen

saksofonisti/ säveltäjä

Kuva/ Photo: Kimmo Tähtinen

Omat albumit

cover North Pipe 2009 Presence Records
cover Saxigon 1997 Strawberry
cover Felix Culpa 2018 Finnish Explosions
cover Tadpoles 2016 Karkia Mistika Records
cover Ghost Of A Dog 2014 Presence Records
cover Yarra Yarra 2001 November Music

Albumit joilla soittaa

cover Felix Culpa Good Romans
Pertti "Pepa" Päivinen
2018 Finnish Explosions
cover Thundering of Dawn Sound & Fury 2018 Karkia Mistika Records
cover Tadpoles Good Romans
Pertti "Pepa" Päivinen
2016 Karkia Mistika Records
cover Ghost Of A Dog Good Romans
Pertti "Pepa" Päivinen
2014 Presence Records
cover Pulsacion Sound & Fury 2013 Ektro Records
cover Supermusic! UMO Jazz Orchestra
2012 EMI Blue Note
cover Primal Mind — UMO Plays the Music of Raoul Björkenheim, Live in Helsinki 1991 UMO Jazz Orchestra
Raoul Björkenheim
2010 UMO Productions
cover Punainen sävellys Tessa Virta 2010 Kumina Music
cover Beauty and the Beast UMO Jazz Orchestra 2010 UMO Productions
cover More Than 123 Otto Donner
Dave Lindholm
2010 TUM Records
cover North Pipe Pertti "Pepa" Päivinen 2009 Presence Records
cover UMO on UMO UMO Jazz Orchestra 2009 UMO Productions
cover Aurora Verneri Pohjola 2009 Texicalli Records Oy
cover Traveller Mikko Hassinen 2008 Texicalli Records Oy
cover The Sky Is Ruby UMO Jazz Orchestra
Raoul Björkenheim
Iro Haarla
Juhani "Junnu" Aaltonen
2007 TUM Records
cover Tiram Num Pepa Päivinen Quartet 2005 WolfGang Records
cover Central Playa MP4 2004 Texicalli Records Oy
cover Um Poeta - Runoilija Tessa Virta 2004 Kumina Music
cover Counting on the Count UMO Jazz Orchestra 2004 UMO Productions
cover Jatkumo UMO Jazz Orchestra
Markus Ketola
2003 Lake End Records
cover Samuli Mikkonen & 7 henkeä Samuli Mikkonen 2003 Omakustanne
cover Yarra Yarra Iro Haarla
Pertti "Pepa" Päivinen
2001 November Music
cover Karikko Kari Ikonen 2001 Fiasko Records
cover One More Time UMO Jazz Orchestra
Norma Winstone
Kenny Wheeler
2000 A-Records
cover First Definition Zone 1999 Soul Note
cover Umpsukkelis Pepa Päivinen Trio 1999 Silence Strawberry Records
cover UMO Jazz Orchestra celebrates Ellington UMO Jazz Orchestra 1999 UMO Productions
cover Day Dreamin': Music of Strayhorn UMO Jazz Orchestra 1998 Finlands Svenska Radio
cover Saxigon Pertti "Pepa" Päivinen 1997 Strawberry
cover UMO Jazz Orchestra UMO Jazz Orchestra 1997 Naxos Jazz
cover Green & Yellow: UMO Jazz Orchestra Plays the Music of Bennie Wallace UMO Jazz Orchestra
Bennie Wallace
Alvin Queen
Ray Anderson
1994 Pro Records
cover Nordic Gallery Sound & Fury 1994 ECM Records
cover The First Seven UMO Jazz Orchestra 1992 Beta
cover Finnish Characters & Moonlight Caravan Espoo Big Band 1990 Omakustanne