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cover Immediate Music I 2017 Svart Records
cover Existence 2014 Eclipse Music
cover Inhale Exhale 2008 Texicalli Records Oy

Albumit joilla soittaa

cover Sphere Alexi Tuomarila Trio 2019 Edition Records
cover Soldiers of Light Jarmo Saari Republic 2019 Membran
cover Hypermetros Oddarrang 2019 Edition Records
cover Land of Real Men Ilmiliekki Quartet 2019 We Jazz Records
cover Blood Moon Elifantree 2019 Eclipse Music
cover Anemone Elifantree 2018 Eclipse Music
cover Ligger du fortfarande i sängen! Ilmiliekki Quartet
Emma Salokoski
2018 Svart Records
cover XX Joona Toivanen Trio 2017 Cam Jazz
cover Kingdom Alexi Tuomarila Trio 2017 Edition Records
cover Agartha Oddarrang 2016 Edition Records
cover The Wide Open Suite & Noises at Sea Liberty Ship 2015 Eclipse Music
cover Oh, La Vie! Olavi Trio 2015 TUM Records
cover Jarmo Saari Republic Jarmo Saari Republic 2014 Rockadillo Records
cover Existence Olavi Louhivuori 2014 Eclipse Music
cover In the Dreamworld SUN Trio 2014 Cam Jazz
cover Approaching Liberty Ship 2013 Eclipse Music
cover In Cinema Oddarrang 2013 Edition Records
cover Seven Hills Alexi Tuomarila Trio 2013 Edition Records
cover Cathedral Oddarrang 2011 Texicalli Records Oy
cover Triologia Olavi Trio 2011 TUM Records
cover Dreams are true SUN Trio 2011 Cam Jazz
cover Omani Uni Emma Salokoski
Maria Ylipää
2010 Texicalli Records Oy
cover At My Side Joona Toivanen Trio 2010 Cam Jazz
cover Aurora Verneri Pohjola 2009 Texicalli Records Oy
cover Time Is Now SUN Trio 2009 Cam Jazz
cover Beautiful Anxiety Aki Rissanen 2009 KSJAZZ
cover Vi sålde våra hemman Ilmiliekki Quartet
Emma Salokoski
2009 KHY Suomen musiikki
cover Inhale Exhale Olavi Louhivuori 2008 Texicalli Records Oy
cover Take it with me Ilmiliekki Quartet 2006 TUM Records
cover Music Illustrated Oddarrang 2006 Texicalli Records Oy
cover Frost Joona Toivanen Trio 2006 EMI Blue Note
cover March of the Alpha Males Ilmiliekki Quartet 2004 TUM Records
cover Lumous Joona Toivanen Trio 2002 Omakustanne
cover Numurkah Joona Toivanen Trio 2000 Omakustanne