Giorgos Kontrafouris

pianisti/ säveltäjä/ opettaja



Omat albumit

cover Little Daddy's Blues 2007 Chicken Coup Records
cover A Week Ago Today 2011 Prophone Records

Albumit joilla soittaa

cover Love Bullet Timo Lassy 2015 Membran
cover Live With Lassy Timo Lassy 2013 Schema Records
cover In with Lassy Timo Lassy 2012 Schema Records
cover A Week Ago Today André Sumelius
Teemu Viinikainen
Giorgos Kontrafouris
Dayna Stephens
2011 Prophone Records
cover The Quintet Live! Contrasts 2011 KSJAZZ
cover Open Case Jarno Kukkonen 2010 SIBArecords
cover Round Two Timo Lassy 2009 Ricky-Tick Records
cover "The Quintet" Contrasts 2008 Omakustanne
cover Darn That Dream Manuel Dunkel 2007 KSJAZZ
cover Soul & Jazz of Timo Lassy Timo Lassy 2007 Ricky-Tick Records
cover Little Daddy's Blues Giorgos Kontrafouris 2007 Chicken Coup Records
cover Present & Absent Jarno Kukkonen 2007 Kuru Records