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Tuomo Dahlblom

guitarist/ composer

Tuomo Dahlblom (b. 1978) studied in the 1990's at the pop/jazz department of Finnish Concervatory of Jyväskylä but like for many collegues of his from Jyväskylä, the best place to learn how to play was the local Jazz Bar. Dahlblom performed actively at the club and he became soon a popular guitarist in Finland: in 1998 he was chosen as the Pori Jazz Artist of the Year and thus performed on the festival as a soloist of Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra. The next summer Dahlblom did a tour with pianist Jyrki Alanen's quartet organized by the Finnish Jazz Federation and in 2000 he started his studies at the jazz department of Sibelius Academy.

The debut album, Tuomo Dahlblom (Texicalli), was released in 2002. The songs on the record balance between feisty fusion jazz and acoustic moods and were all written by Dahlblom himself. The album got good reviews and was especially noted for the versatile entirety and the rich sounds of the leader.

Dahlblom adapts to different styles of music and is thus a famous sideman: he has recorded e.g. with bass player Lasse Lindgren's Brotherhood band and with guitarist-songwriter Petri Kautto's Earth Turtle. In spring 2005 Dahlblom performed at the UMO Young Soloists concert already as a quite experienced musician. The second album of the guitarist, 02JKL (Texicalli 2007) is a relaxed session recorded in Jyväskylä with the top musicians.