Pessi Levanto

pianist/ composer/ producer

Kuva/ Photo: Milka Alanen




Pessi Levanto (b. 1973) is an award-winning pianist, arranger and composer of original music for films, television and the concert world. He has scored eight full-length feature films, about twenty-five short films and documentaries plus miscellaneous spots and commercials. His works range from symphony orchestras to big bands, from chamber ensembles to a cappella goups, from rock bands to brass septets. Levanto has also written chart-topping pop songs for the Japanese market for such well-known artists as Arashi, Sexy Zone and Afterschool. Levanto has released seven records of his own and played in and done arrangements for dozens of others. Levanto has also leaded many successful groove-funkbands such as Groove Convention and Burn!.

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