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Pertti "Peppe" Jalava

drummer, pianist, composer

Photo: Tommi Kolunen



Jalava has studied composition and music in general almost entirely on his own. He has composed numerous works for orchestra (including three symphonies and a piano concerto), various chamber ensemble line-ups and choir. He has also written a considerable volume for big band and his own jazz ensembles, in which
he has played drums and keyboards. 

He has played keyboards in the ensemble "Peppe Jalava Parvi" (1984 - 1989), drums & sequencer in duo with trumpeter Willliam Thorburn (1992) and in 1993 he formed the first lineup of Peppe Jalava Band, in which he plays keys. Year 2008 saw the current version of the quintet daylight and in 2010 they released album "Go to the Beach" on Alba Records.