Mikko Pellinen

bassist/ composer/ arranger

Kuva/ Photo: V-P Lahti

Own albums

cover Personal 2010 MPCD

Albums where playing

cover X Herd 2019 Doorbell Music
cover Piirrä minut Aili Ikonen 2017 Groovy Records
cover Laulan Aili Ikonen 2016 Groovy Records
cover Jazzbasilli Herd
Aili Ikonen
Panu Savolainen
2013 Majava Music
cover Aili Ikonen & Tribute to Ella Aili Ikonen & "Tribute to Ella" 2013 Fredriksson Music
cover Finding the Way Maratone Quintet 2012 Prophone Records
cover Live!! Herd
Panu Savolainen
2011 Omakustanne
cover Personal Mikko Pellinen 2010 MPCD
cover Setting Out Maratone Quintet 2008 Free Agent Records
cover Indian Curry William Suvanne 2007 Omakustanne