Hasse Walli





Hasse Walli (b. 1948) started playing jazz drums at the age of 9 and continued playing drums for 8 years.Hasse started his performing career in 1962 with guitar band The Islanders, then played with The Electric Five and The Nameless. He then suddenly switched to lead guitar in 1965, and joined The Typhoons. In 1966 Hasse turned professional joining Jormas, the top band in Finland at the time, and frequently toured Scandinavia. In 1967 Walli made his breakthrough as the first Hendrix-influenced improvising guitarist in Finland, with the band Blues Section. At the same time he was also involved in several cross-over bands with jazz musicians, among others with composer and trumpet player Otto Donner. In 1969 in a serious car accident Walli broke his left arm, that forced him to stop playing ...

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