Emma Salokoski

singer/ composer/ lyricist

Emma Salokoski (b. 1976) started to play the violin when she was 11-years-old but she says that she has been singing as long as she can remember. Still it was until high school when Salokoski got the feeling that singing could be her job or at least a part of it. First Salokoski took singing lessons at the music school of West Helsinki until she was accepted to the Sibelius High School. After graduating from thee high school she wanted to take some distance to Finland and left to Kulturama, Stockholm to study music theatre for two years.

When Salokoski returned to Finland she worked for a year in the musicals of both the Helsinki City Theatre and the Theatre of Tampere but decided soon to continue her studies. In 1999-2001 Salokoski studied pop/jazzmusic at the Stadia University of Applied Sciences (Metropolia) where she made important contacts on the music field. She also started to gain performance experience in the bands she formed with her fellow students. In fall 2001 Salokoski started her studies at the jazz department of Sibelius Academy but was dissapointed on the level and amount of vocal studies given there and dropped out of school. She started to take private lessons and found later the Complete Vocal Technique method which she studied in Denmark in 2007 and found it extremely broadening.

Quintessence, a band started from a studioproject of Salokoski, guitarist Aki Haarala and programmer Jouni Helminen, rose in the beginning of millenium as part of the  In Quintessence Salokoski became quickly part of the top groups of Finnish modern soul and jazzy funk. Thanks to Quintessence, Salokoski became quickly one of the permanent visitors in Don Johnson Big Band and has both performed live and recorded with the band. Salokoski has also co-operated with other pop- and rockartists, such as Husky Rescue, Giant Robot, Sami Saari and Paleface.

In 2005 Salokoski prepared a repertoire from Swedish folksongs for Viapori Jazz with Ilmiliekki Quartet that was also released as an album Vi sålde såra hemman in 2009. Salokoski has also done jazzprojects with i.a. saxophonist Jukka Perko and vibist Severi Pyysalo. The most successful group for Salokoski may still be her own band, Emma Salokoski Ensemble, that was formed in Stadia University of Applied Scinces. The bossa nova of the band has been playing in the radio for  Each one of the albums has gotten extremely good feedback from the audience and for example the debut album Kaksi mannerta (Texicalli 2005) rose immediately to the top 4 on the radio charts. In the same year Emma Salokoski won the National Female Artist of the Year Award in the Emma Awards.