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Ari-Pekka "Ape" Anttila

bassist/ guitarist/ composer/ producer/ teacher

Ari-Pekka "Ape" Anttila (b. 1966) is a guitarist, bassist, composer, producer and teacher who moves very versatilely on the field of Finnish jazz. The musical career of Anttila started already in his teens when he played bass guitar in his father's band. The actual push into the music business started though from the music high school of Kaustinen, where Anttila continued to the pop/jazz department of Lappfjärd, then to Pop/Jazz Conservatory of Oulunkylä and finally ending up in the jazz department of Sibelius Academy in 1989. Anttila became quickly a really popular bass player among the students and teachers at Sibelius Academy and he soon influenced in such bands as vibist Severi Pyysalo's The Front and trumpetist Mika Mylläri's Quintet. In the middle of 1990's Anttila took part in the international jazz contest for youth jazz orchestras in Hoeilaart, Belgium two times with two separate bands, guitarists' Pekka Luukka's and Risto Toppola's groups, resulting in the second place both times.

Anttila has always composed songs for the numerous groups he has been playing with. Few of the most long-lasting groups are trumpetist Antero Priha's Breadmachine and pianist Riitta Paakki's trio. For his A-degree concert at Sibelius Academy Anttila set up his own quartet, including saxophone player Sonny Heinilä, guitarist Jarmo Saari and drummer Markus Ketola. The group didn't last for long as the groovejazz band Quartet Coyote swept Anttila away. Quartet Coyote became really popular among the jazz audience of Helsinki metropolitan area and in January 2000 the group did a tour in Finland organized by the Finnish Jazz Federation.

On this millenium Anttila has continued working as a sideman with several groups: this all-round bass player has been comping in e.g. Sid Hille's Platypus Ensemble, Lenni-Kalle Taipale Group, UMO and MMQ. He has also done lots of composing and arranging for television shows and different contests. In 2007 Anttila established a rhythm music school in Lohja called RytmiOmena with his jazzsinger-wife Ira Kaspi. The school has quickly gained success among the local young musicians.

In 2009 Anttila received the 3-year grant of the National Council of Music.