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Antti Sarpila

clarinetist/ saxophonist/ composer/ conductor

Kuva/ Photo: Heikki Tuuli


Clarinetist and saxophonist Antti Sarpila (b. 1964) has been one of the most important actors in preserving the traditional jazz in Finland for over a quarter century. Since 1990 Sarpila has released his music through his own label and has done it a lot: there is over 30 albums in his catalogue. The group on these releases has mainly been Sarpila's own Antti Sarpila Swing Band and singer Johanna Iivanainen has often featured as a soloist on these records, though many other famous singers, such as Eino Grön, have been heard as well.Though Sarpila is specialized in the early styles of jazz, that he calls "classic jazz", he performs also now and then with the modern bands. A good example of this was the album New Moods - New Sounds (Blue Note), with vibist Severi Pyysalo, that was released in 2001.

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