Ira Kaspi

You and the Night and the Music


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PerformerIra Kaspi

Ape Anttila



The new album You and the Night and the Music by the Finnish jazz singer, Ira Kaspi (b. 1964), who has enjoyed a long career, is a collection of delicate tones and strong interpretations. Ira, who graduated from the world famous Berkley College of Music in 1990, is accompanied on the album by the Jazz Diva Band and a symphony orchestra.

You and the Night and the Music contains tunes that are beloved by Ira, such as Call Me Irresponsible and The Gentle Rain. The songs are also sufficiently different from each other, so that she has been able to create a personal emotion around each one. The opening track of the album is Don’t Go to Strangers, the success of which, in Ira’s opinion, has surpassed all expectations, "The orchestration, especially in this track, is staggeringly beautiful - at least for me, the first notes grabbed me tightly."

You and the Night and the Music, is the seventh album by Ira. The earlier albums have contained jazz classics, but the recording with the symphony orchestra has made the new album different. "I feel that I have also matured and developed over the years. In part, I believe that it is simply an age thing. Jazz music, unlike many other genres, thankfully appreciates life experiences."


  1. Don't go to StrangersArthur Kent & Dave Mason/ Redd Evans
  2. You and the Night and the MusicArthur Schwartz/ Howard Dietz
  3. How Do You Keep Up the LightApe Anttila/ Ira Kaspi
  4. Someday My Prince Will ComeFrank Churchill/ Larry Morey
  5. The Gentle RainLuiz Bonfa/ Matt Dubey
  6. Call Me IrresponsibleJimmy van Heusen/ Sammy Kahn
  7. The Good LifeAlexander Distel/ Jack Reardon
  8. The Old Devil Called LoveAllan Roberts/ Doris Fisher
  9. In the Wee Small Hours of the MorningDavid Mann/ Bob Hilliard
  10. The Best is Yet to Be ComingApe Anttila/ Ira Kaspi