Trio Töykeät



Kuvat: Ari Talusén, Kannet: Janne Uotila / NeoGeo

Album information

PerformerTrio Töykeät
LabelEMI Blue Note
Where recordedKallio-Kuninkala, Järvenpää


Trio Töykeät released their new Wake album August 31st in 2005 on the legendary Blue Note jazz label. “This is the best album we’ve ever done”, said Iiro Rantala from Trio Töykeät. “Blowing my own horn has nothing to do with it! It’s a cold fact, I’m just laying it out as it is. We’ve played together for 17 years and a band this old can’t afford to put out a bad recording."

The masterpiece contains nine tracks written by the band, and two arrangements from covers. Wake was an eagerly awaited release; it had been five years since Trio Töykeät had recorded any original material. Their previous release High Standards was exactly that, a collection of standards. 

The band was especially happy with their new songs. “The compositions are the strongest element in Wake. We got rid of the loose tracks and the rest just works like a rooster on a hen-house", Iiro says. “We cut the ‘virtuoso stuff’ to the minimum and I’m convinced that Wake is definitely a listener-friendly album. It’s groovy and has balls.” 

The album not only includes compositions by pianist Iiro Rantala, but also one from bassplayer Eerik Siikasaari and two from drummer Rami Eskelinen. In addition to the Duke Ellington classic In A Sentimental Mood, the band has given a unique Töykeät treatment to the perhaps lesser known Kenny Barron piece Voyage. In addition to the fact that Wake is the band’s best performance so far, it is also the most comprehensive and balanced Töykeät album.


  1. Perfect Makeout Musicsäv. Iiro Rantala
  2. Voyagesäv. Kenny Barron
  3. End Of The First Setsäv. Iiro Rantala
  4. Final Fantasysäv. Iiro Rantala
  5. In A Sentimental Moodsäv. Duke Ellington
  6. Almostsäv. Rami Eskelinen
  7. Bebasäv. Iiro Rantala
  8. You And Mesäv. Eerik Siikasaari
  9. Third Ballsäv. Iiro Rantala
  10. Sir Vivalsäv. Rami Eskelinen
  11. Insane In Seinesäv. Iiro Rantala