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Jussi Fredriksson



Kannen suunnittelu/ Cover design: Pekka Tuppurainen

Album information

PerformerJussi Fredriksson
LabelFredriksson Music

Jussi Fredriksson

Where recordedHelsinki


The long-awaited debut album of Jussi Fredriksson Trio, Tidewaters, introduces a band  who in their 11 years of playing togerher have welded into a tight group relying strongly on interactive improvisation. The trio, led by Jussi Fredriksson, recorded their debut album in just one day in autumn 2006.

Although the trio is made up of the younger generation of jazz musicians, they honour tradition in their reliance on long-term co-operation as a group. The debut album's atmosphere ranges from energetic explotions of sound to more meditative soundscapes. Thanks to the intensity of the recording session, there is a strong live feeling on the album.

"We recorded the album five years ago. It showcases a particular point in our creative development. In fact, Tidewaters is the only means of hearing the songs in their original form as our music has envolved so much through numerous performances", Fredriksson says.

The trio's sound is a fusion of American and European jazz traditions. Fredriksson's music is influenced by such artists as pianist Herbie Hancock and Keith Jarrett, as well as the Nordic sounds of Swedish musicians Bobo Stenson and Esbjörn Svensson. In addition to Jussi Fredriksson, the other top musicians performing on the album are bass player Ville Herrala, drummer Ville Pynssi and saxophonist Jussi Kannaste, who has featured the band regularly.


  1. Tidewaterscomp. Jussi Fredriksson
  2. Bingocomp. Jussi Fredriksson
  3. Ylletröjacomp. Ville Herrala
  4. Confusioncomp. Jussi Fredriksson
  5. Häräytyscomp. Jussi Fredriksson
  6. The Old Country