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Teemu Mattsson

Teemu Mattsson


Kansitaide/ Cover artwork: Jorma Vahvaselkä

Album information

PerformerTeemu Mattsson
LabelFree Agent Records

Vesa-Matti Mattsson & Teemu Mattsson

Where recordedFinnvox Studios & Tempo Music Design, Helsinki, Finland


When you learn from the best, there comes a day when the apprentice becomes the master. Mattsson has spent his life around the best jazz musicians in Finland - Jari Perkiömäki, Jukkis Uotila, Sonny Heinilä and Jukka Perko - first as a student at the Sibelius Academy jazz department and then as a hired hand in numerous productions as a freelancer.

His self titled album, Teemu Mattsson, is the natural development on his career and pushes the envelope of Finnish jazz traditions. His quintet is a blend of talented young guns and some oldtimers that have been around a block or two.


  1. Ennesäv. Teemu Mattsson, Teemu Eronen
  2. Northern Tribesäv. Teemu Mattsson
  3. Standing Alonesäv. Teemu Mattsson
  4. Endless Waysäv. Veli-Matti Mattsson
  5. Restlesssäv. Teemu Mattsson
  6. Waking Upsäv. Teemu Mattsson, Mikael Jakobsson, Teemu Eronen, Ville Herrala
  7. Pulsesäv. Teemu Mattsson
  8. Sweet Lifesäv. Teemu Mattsson
  9. Both Sidessäv. Teemu Mattsson
  10. Lost Foreversäv. Ari Jokelainen