Mikko Innanen
Jaak Sooäär
Han Bennink

Spring Odyssey


Taideteoksen kuvannut/ Art work photographed: Marko/Kuvaamo, Suunnittelu/Design:Juha Lökström / ozo & Santtu Parikka

Album information

PerformerMikko Innanen
Jaak Sooäär
Han Bennink
LabelTUM Records

Mikko Innanen, Jaak Sooäär & Petri Haussila

Where recordedLive at Jumo Jazz Club, Helsinki, Finland


Spring Odyssey documents the highlights of this trio comprised of the Finnish saxophonist Mikko Innanen, the Estonian guitarist Jaak Sooäär and the renowned Dutch drummer Han Bennink performing live in Helsinki in April 2003.

The Innanen-Sooäär-Bennink Trio is a unique collaboration of one of Finland´s leading improvisers and one of the central figures in contemporary Estonian jazz, who share a common history of studying and playing together, hooking up with Han Bennink, a true legend of European free jazz with five decades of adventurous music behind him.

The concert recording captures the spontaneous, powerful energy of the novel combination of these great musicians. This is joyous group improvisation at its best.


  1. SouthInnanen, Sooäär, Bennink
  2. FarInnanen, Sooäär, Bennink
  3. AwayInnanen, Sooäär, Bennink
  4. GreyInnanen, Sooäär, Bennink
  5. SeaInnanen, Sooäär, Bennink
  6. AheadInnanen, Sooäär, Bennink
  7. Trinkle TinkleThelonious Monk
  8. FloatingInnanen, Sooäär, Bennink
  9. BermudaInnanen
  10. DeltaInnanen, Sooäär
  11. GreenInnanen, Sooäär
  12. DreamsInnanen, Sooäär, Bennink
  13. SoonInnanen, Sooäär, Bennink
  14. RealityInnanen, Sooäär, Bennink