Teemu Viinikainen III

Return of Robert Dickson


Album information

PerformerTeemu Viinikainen III
LabelEclipse Music


Return of Robert Dickson is the debut album by Teemu Viinikainen's newest band Teemu Viinikainen III.  The album continues the Robert Dickson saga that his 2005 record Tales of Robert Dickson began more than a decade ago. After two albums of discreet and acoustic-driven guitar jazz, the new album makes a return to more electric sounds.

The compositions on the album are mostly by Viinikainen himself but there is a great deal of free improvisation by the trio as well. The expressive music varies from clear and bright atmospheres to more edgy and intense rhytmic frenzy. Viinikainen, as much of a virtuoso as ever, is accompanied by a versatile drummer Joonas Riippa and a rising talented keyboard player Mikael Myrskog whose colourful Rhodes and Moog sounds complete the album's wild and innovative landscape. An unexpected and groovy musical journey is filled with both rock sounds and more gentle ballad tones.


  1. Return (part I)1:43
  2. JS8:06
  3. Birdman6:08
  4. Fine Again6:21
  5. Amoroso8:21
  6. MM5:01
  7. III9:29
  8. Return (part II)1:40