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Jussi Fredriksson Trio
Jussi Fredriksson



Kuva: Saara Salmi

Album information

PerformerJussi Fredriksson Trio
Jussi Fredriksson
LabelFredriksson Music

Jussi Fredriksson

Where recordedMimix


Jussi Fredriksson, one of the central figures in today’s Finnish jazz scene, has recently formed a new trio with bassist Jori Huhtala and drummer Mika Kallio. Their debut album ?explores the positive and empowering aspects of uncertainty. Stylistically, the group goes for a warm living room feels.

As the title, or non-title, hints, the trio approaches the theme of uncertainty on their debut release. Fredriksson’s primary inspiration for the recording is a maxim which he spotted in Taikatalvi by Tove Jansson: “Everything is essentially uncertain, and it is precisely that which renders me calm.” Instead of seeing the unpredictability of life as a threat, Fredriksson approaches the theme from a positive angle: “Uncertainty has nothing to with personal flaws or lack of self-confidence in this context”, says the composer, “rather, the album emphasises the empowering sides of uncertainty and the openness that is vital for creative thinking.”

As to the production, Fredriksson has aimed at a dry but warm living-room sound – a conscious step away from the often-heard piano trio sound dominated by a generous use of echo effect and a sense of distance. The outcome is an albumful of immediate, balanced and timeless modern jazz. In addition to the album-launching shows, Fredriksson can be seen perform solo on 8 December at Aleksanterin teatteri, at the We Jazz 2014 event.


  1. WhyJussi Fredriksson
  2. Chat With a Bass DrumJussi Fredriksson
  3. Uuno WalkJussi Fredriksson
  4. Aei-Man KaekiJussi Fredriksson
  5. Keep It RealJussi Fredriksson
  6. Dudi DudiJussi Fredriksson
  7. Confusion Part IIJussi Fredriksson