Sound & Fury



Album information

PerformerSound & Fury
LabelEktro Records
Genrejazz, rock, folk


One of the most creative, distinctive and musically powerful small-big-bands in today´s music - Sound and Fury - has released a new CD on Ektro - label. It contains never before recorded compositions by the late great Finnish composer/drummer Edward Vesala.

This music takes the listener on a gripping musical adventure, juxtaposing pulsating tunes for brass and percussion alongside works with experimental guitar and lush orchestral textures. At times harsh and others achingly beautiful, this music is sure to be both riveting and rewarding for anyone with catholic musical tastes.

Vesala´s music (arranged greatly by Iro Haarla) transcends the boundaries of jazz embracing equally classical, rock, folk and tango traditions. The remote beauty of Finland is evoked at the heart of the music, together with the importance of magic and myth in Finnish culture Vesala´s music somehow achieves a seemingly impossible mixture of complex textures, melody, emotional expression and sheer joy!

All Vesala´s writing bears an unmistakeable signature. It has ever been so with the masters. Melody is the one that sets everything in motion. All melodies stretch sinuously over long curves, arch, fall back, undulate and fall back upon themselves. Each melody implies its particular harmony, structure, tone colours, rhythmic embellishment and instrumentation. This music gives a musician freedom to express himself from whisper to loud cries but also requires utmost concentration, understanding of the musical language and of the story and emotion behind the notes. Sound and Fury does it all!


  1. Lamgonella Lomboocomp. Erward Vesala, arr. Iro Haarla
  2. I Tell You A Storycomp. Erward Vesala, arr. Iro Haarla
  3. Siamese Twinscomp. Erward Vesala, arr. Iro Haarla
  4. Pulsacioncomp. Erward Vesala, arr. Iro Haarla
  5. Nattugglacomp. Erward Vesala, arr. Iro Haarla
  6. Punkcomp. Erward Vesala, arr. Iro Haarla
  7. Shadowscomp. Erward Vesala, arr. Iro Haarla