Panu Savolainen Toivo

Music By Toivo Kärki


Album information

PerformerPanu Savolainen Toivo
LabelDoorbell Music


Released in March 2015, Music By Toivo Kärki is the debut album of Panu Savolainen Toivo. It was made in honour of the beloved composer Toivo Kärki's 100th anniversary, which was celebrated the same year.

The disc is composed of favourite evergreens by Kärki in instrumental arrangements, topped off with three unreleased archival treasures, discovered with the help of Kärki's son, Kalervo Kärki. Two of these feature vocalists: "Syysyössä kahden" (1944), with lyrics penned by Kauko Käyhkö, sees Ninni Poijärvi on vocals, while "Aloha Wau Ia Oe" ("I Love You", in English) features a vocal performance by Yona, with lyrics completely rewritten by Matti Pitkänen. The third unreleased pearl, bearing the title "In the Running", dates back to the year 1939 and displays has an unmistakable jazz flavour.


  1. Aloha Wau Ia ‘OeToivo Kärki
  2. Vanhan veräjän luonaToivo Kärki
  3. Onni, jonka annoin poisToivo Kärki
  4. Kulkurin iltatähtiToivo Kärki
  5. In the RunningToivo Kärki
  6. Siks oon mä suruinenToivo Kärki
  7. Lentävä kalakukkoToivo Kärki
  8. Koivun alla kello kahdeksanToivo Kärki
  9. Syysyössä kahdenToivo Kärki