Mono and Dialogues


Album information

TypeCD + digi
LabelEclipse Music


Guitarist Heikki Ruokangas continues in the spirit of the album Monologues but this time with another Oulu-based guitarist, Henrik Hako-Rita.

Ruokangas Hako-Rita is a jazz and avant-garde guitar duo from Oulu, formed in 2012. The new album consists of avant-garde solo guitar and duo material based on Ruokangas’ compositions. The music varies from delicate and melodic atmosphere to almost violent expression, where the intensity and the interaction between the musicians are essential. In addition to Finland, both members have performed around Europe and Ruokangas’ music has been released also in United Kingdom, USA and German.

Heikki Ruokangas became interested in jazz while studying at the Oulu conservatoire and has since studied jazz improvisation under Raoul Björkenheim among others. Ruokangas’ music paints constantly changing images to the listeners mind. The album is flowing and soft but sometimes rough, earthy play with jazz.


  1. Merry-Go-RoundRuokangas
  2. SummertimeGershwin
  3. WarmaRuokangas
  4. Event HorizonRuokangas
  5. Ghost WaltzRuokangas
  6. The Real BoyRuokangas
  7. Jos lähdet LailaSundqvist
  8. Mechanical CrowRuokangas
  9. Flamenco of RustRuokangas
  10. The Last RobotRuokangas