Jan-Olof Strandberg

Made In Finland


Cover art, Design & Photography by J-P Rantanen

Album information

PerformerJan-Olof Strandberg
LabelSeacrest Oy

Produced By: Jan-Olof Strandberg & Kimmo Pörsti

Recorded at: Kompin Kääntöpiiri, Hämeenlinna, Rockway Studios Helsinki, Visual Power Studios Helsinki, SV Studios Kotka & JP Rantanen Studios Forssa

Recorded by: Kimmo Pörsi, Otso Pakarinen, Sami Virtanen, Niklas Lindholm & J-P Rantanen

Mixed by, Tommi Liuhala, Sami Virtanen

Mastered by, Tommi Liuhala 


Photography by, Phil Lissart, Pirkko Salhi & Per-Olof Strandberg   




The album was recorded at Kompin Kääntöpiiri studio in Hämeenlinna between 2011 and 2012. The DVD was mainly shot at Rockaway studio in November 2011 and JP Rantanen’s studio in Forssa. The album presents an extensive version of Strandberg Project with various guests.  

Michael Manring, fretted & fretless hybrid bass 

Jan-Olof Strandberg, fretted & fretless bass 

Jan ”Jysky” Strandberg, bass

Kimmo Pörsti, drums

Kimmo Tapanainen, keyboards

Jaan Jaanson, guitar & keyboards

Matias Kupiainen, guitar

Petteri Hirvanen, guitar

Risto Salmi, Sax

Jukka Gustavson, keyboards

Rami Eskelinen, drums

Sami Virtanen, guitar

Paul Jackson, vocals & bass

Niklas Lindholm, drums

Jarmo Hynninen, guitar

Raul Vaigla, bass 


  1. Crossover 
  2. Yes, This Is It
  3. It`s a Journey
  4. Past and Present
  5. T.M and T.M
  6. Traveller`s Tales
  7. Two Sisters
  8. The Magician`s Departure
  9. The Truth