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L'Alliance Takalo
Arttu Takalo

L’Alliance Takalo


Artwork by Aura Kotkavirta; Layout by Japa Mattila

Album information

PerformerL'Alliance Takalo
Arttu Takalo
TypeCD + digi
LabelRockadillo Records

Produced by Arttu Takalo
Engineering, samples, soundscapes and whistling by Speedy Saarinen
Mixed by Speedy Saarinen and Arttu Takalo at Mediagents, Helsinki
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers West, Espoo



L’Alliance Takalo is the debut album for the same name ensemble, formed in 2015. Rockadillo Records released the album in autumn 2017. L’Alliance Takalo mainly consists of pieces Takalo composed in Paris in 2015

Vibraphonist Arttu Takalo is best known abroad for his fantasy jazz ensemble XL. The five-piece toured extensively in the 90's and it's members have made remarkable careers in their respective fields of music. Takalo has worked with a number of Finnish jazz, rock and pop artists, composed and arranged music for classical orchestras and films. In 2000 he was appointed as the Pori Jazz Festival Artist of the Year, and in 2002 he released his first solo album. His latest band L'Alliance Takalo's self-titled album came out in September 2017 on Rockadillo Records and that makes it Takalo's ninth solo release. L'Alliance Takalo plays the soundtrack of the little stories at the decadent, yet sophisticated Parisian bistros of the past. 

All tunes composed and arranged by Arttu Takalo.

Arttu Takalo (electronic vibes, xylophone, glockenspiel, keys, programming, samples, percussion, vocoder), Niko Kumpuvaara (accordion), Ville Herrala (double bass), Ville Pynssi (drums)


Jaska Lukkarinen (Loota percussion, samples, Roland-SPDSX), Tuukka Haapaniemi (bass (voice), vocals, synth bass), Varre Vartiainen (guitar).


  1. Rue de Rivoli
  2. Kfé
  3. Le code
  4. It might even snow for us
  5. Mountains of costly nonsense
  6. La nuit massive
  7. Fame
  8. Chasing monsters
  9. End of summer
  10. Geishasongdingdong