'N Stuff

Kiss of Goodbye


Album information

Performer'N Stuff
TypeLP, digi
LabelEclipse Music

Production: Teemu Vänskä / Hiptone productions

Genrejazz / world music


'N Stuff is a fascinating new project emerging from the vibrant Finnish jazz scene. Formed by Tuomo Noppari, Jori Pesonen and Teemu Vänskä the collective entails many of the best musicians of their generation. The music, however, looks to the past and takes its main influences from longstanding traditions Brazilian music and Bossa Nova.

The band received high praise for their debut release Breathe in 2015 and were in the running for the Scandinavian Soul Music Awards for Newcomer of the Year and Single of the Year. For the new EP the ensemble has picked just the right personnel for each song to execute the vision of the main three protagonists. The Kiss of Goodbye EP has no less than 18 musicians involved, including a string quartet and a chorus with 7 singers. Vocalist Kadi Vija brings her considerable talents into the music.

Starting off in the late 90's in Pori (the venue of Finland's biggest annual jazz festival) Tuomo Noppari and Jori Pesonen made music together in various fusion, funk and soul bands. While studying music they met Teemu Vänskä and Vija and formed a strong musical connection. Noppari's exchange year in Brazil in 2011 cemented the musical path the the collective was to take.

"I became fascinated with the rhythmic aspects of Brazilian music and how it could be incorporated the harmonic world of jazz and massive arrangements. This was the basis for the Breathe single that Jori and I wrote together. When the single was so well received we decided to continue with the same approach" says Noppari about the formation of the band's sound.

Tuomo Noppari - guitar & compositions
Teemu Vänskä - keys.

Kadi Vija - vocals
Mikael Myrskog - piano
Anssi Tirkkonen - drums
Teemu Åkerblom - bass
Ilkka Arola - flygelhorn
Max Zenger - flute


  1. Kiss of Goodbye(lyrics & music: Noppari) - voc.: Kadi Vija
  2. Hearts(Music: Noppari & Pesonen, lyrics. Pesonen) - voc.: Kadi Vija
  3. Should Have Seen It Miles Before(lyrics & music: Noppari) - voc.: Kadi Vija
  4. Follow the Wistful Rhythm(lyrics & music: Noppari) - voc.: Kadi Vija & Jori Pesonen